Do we want to check car in spring and summer?

Do we want to check car in spring and summer?

It is that time of year spring will be here soon after that warm summer days I hope.

However its time to get our cars and trucks ready for spring and summer.

Under the hood

Motor oil I suggest you change both oil and filters.

Coolant level color and strength Do not drive with water and keep frost protection at 45 C or 50 F

Air conditioning check it out now do not wait for the summer when its really hot your wife and baby will not be really happy if it does not work

Shipping Is it due to a broadcasting service? How does the oil smell? Is the color fine and red? How does it work? slip hesitation bump slow engagement Is the level within the limits? Do you see any leaks?

Power steering again check the level smell and leak.

Belts and hoses check fractures and or worn hoses check hoses and if you find windscreen clips give them a closer look. In addition the radhose came off.

You want to be I can guess what was next.

Battery and cables keep clamps clean and dense check battery charge charging system.

Spark plug when was the last melody? Some engines have long life plugs in them but if you have 60000 miles or miles on your car you can drag two or a plug to see what they look like. Check the plugs corroded oilgrinded cracked replace them you may go up a long hill you find that the engine is bucking can only be one or two wires

Air filter I think the filter is the most forgotten item under the hood. You can see light through it when you stick to a lamp light on of course LOL Ive seen a little filthy where no air can pass if the engine does not get enough air its only harder to breathe and uses more fuel at todays fuel price ... you fill in empty. You can clean the filter by dropping it against a wall check it again replace if necessary.

Windshield wipers what I do is longer. Im starting to add summer fluids youre aware of the bug remover fluid. If the container is clean just add it you still have a little antiicing fluid if it still gets cold.

Under the vehicle

Exhaust check leaks damages rust dampers etc. remember that exhaust gases can kill

Control check all control parts for solubility remember the pothole you hit?

Suspension check bolt joints stag springs bumps. can you photo this? Everybody jumps aside errors in any of these parts can give you free control of your vehicle.

Ride height look for low hanging parts ie low exhaust systems brake fuel lines power lines etc.

Engine Transmission Holder Swaybar Check all bushings for cracks or wear.

Outside the vehicle

Wipers replace these winter wiper blades if the past few years are still excellent use them. identical to the winter leaf if still excellent keep them until next fall

All the lights check all the lights replace the ones that are out. the most forgotten light is midbrake and plate lamps Also check that the headlights height fog and headlight are included. we have all had a car coming against us with highlighted lights

Tires Off with the Doubled Tires most states or provinces have a tire tire at a certain date Remember AWD and 4WD. Same Size Tires Around I Propose: Same Size Exactly the Same Brand.

Tire pressure shown on the drivers with or inside your operating instructions.

Within the vehicle

Brakes how does the brake pedal feel? If the pedal is spongy or they brake they do not work as well as they should you can have air in the system and or brake rotors drums pads shoes are worn. take into account bad brakes make for a slow stop vehicle ... whoooo there Nellie

Brake and warning lights The lamp monitors the dashboard These should last for a few seconds when you initially set the engine if all OK explodes and stops.

In general I think we all recognize that a clean vehicle is driving and riding a lot better so give sweetheart a nice hot bath and have a big coat of polishing on her and she will bumble like a happy bee.

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