September 2002

We hope they will be able to join us at the next Reunion, which is a luncheon in The Victory Services Club on Saturday 29th March 2003 (Easter Sunday is the 20th April). Full details of the Reunion will be in the December newsletter.

Hugh Arnold DSC becomes the Royal Navy President, and Bob Montgomery MC the Commando President. We wish them a long and fruitful term of office.

The 60th Anniversary Reunion Dinner of the Society was held in The Royal Duchy Hotel, Falmouth on Saturday 6th April 2002.

We are very sorry to have to report that because of health problems four members of the committee are no longer able to attend committee meetings and have resigned. Dr John Roderick, Lieut. Commander Bill Green, Neil Oughtred and John May have all given long and dedicated service to the Society for which we all warmly thank them.
Hugh Arnold

Bob Montgomery

• The 60th Anniversary Reunion Dinner of the Society
• The 60th Anniversary Reunion Civic Reception / Memorial Service
• The 60th Anniversary Reunion Visit to St Nazaire
• In Memory Of